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Real Time Monitoring and Troubleshooting Of Broadcast Infrastructure

The emergence of digital delivery channels for broadcast management systems is addressing the needs of dynamic consumer demographics, viewing patterns, multi-channel content and more. Retaining customers and higher operational visibility having all technologies work together in one orchestrated platform has become the prime challenge

Teramatrix, with its GFusion manages the entire operational ecosystem across any vendor and technology for broadcasting over satellites, terrestrial, DSL and cable networks. This results in increased quality of service, reduced costs and addresses the challenges and evolving complexities

  • Open architecture and industry standard interfaces
  • Vendor / Technology Agnostic Monitoring of Broadcast Network Infrastructure
  • Horizontal Scaling to enhance monitoring capacity

  • FCAPS of the entire network from a single console
  • App Based CXO Dashboards
  • Cloud/Hybrid Deployment Offerings
  • Real Time Service Impact Analysis

Single Interface to Manage your Entire Operational Ecosystem

Multi-vendor Multi-technology
Supports wide variety of broadcast network equipment and protocol standards (SNMP,RTP, SMPTE 2020, TR069 or over proprietary TCP/UDP)

CPE Management
Seamless management of high volumes of CPE devices where operators collect required operational data from any CPE object in the ecosystem via open XML drivers

Device Management
Supports domain integration, role–based configuration, resource access management and real-time audit trailing

Data Correlation
Aggregate and correlate data from various data sources such as Aggregation site, Backhaul and CPEs and draw conclusions

GIS Visibility
The synergy of live polling and representation of polled data on GIS maps provides better operational flexibility

KPI Dashboard

Realize Business Objectives Efficiently To Achieve Unified Service Assurance



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