Workforce Mobility Management: Teramatrix

Take informed Decision through In-Field Intelligence

Industries these days are working under huge pressure of cutting costs and become more efficient in managing ergonomics of their on-field workforce to produce higher revenues with lower expenses. Under such circumstances it might pose critical to know their work locations, instantly capturing field data to minimize the turnaround time and track the work accomplished on field.

GoData Modules








Reasons You’ll Love GoData

Easy Information Sharing and Transparency

Share the Insights and information on the go, with the authorization based access the discretion of information is assured.

Paperless Mobile Force

Run paperless operations with mobile based information transfer. Hence, enhancing the accessibility of real-time and historic data.

Actionable Intelligence through Field Intelligence

Instantly receive field data at central location to generate actionable intelligence to act upon and making quick decisions.

GoData Applications Areas


Fast moving Consumer Goods

  • Keep Track of live Sales and Leads data
  • Build intelligence and be aware of brand coverage
  • Streamline the Supply chain
  • Keep tabs on real-time product availability and demand


  • Real-time fleet visibility, ensuring timed deliveries
  • Quick NFC/QR code based asset scanning
  • Streamline field operations and Dispatch
  • Helps to maximize Brand Coverage and reduces Operating Risks


  • Efficient scheduling of manpower in services
  • Faster Response to Outages and reduced OPEX
  • Better and improved customer care services


  • Capture field response instantly
  • Schedule periodic visits as per the marketing plan
  • Measure and improve productivity using of data and reports
  • Plan field visits and assign medical representatives to same
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Financial Institutions

  • Capture job details on field, minimize application turnaround time
  • Helps in Risk-Assessment, Resource Deployment & Marketing
  • More saving monthly/Annually, real time cash withdrawal/deposit
  • Deduce your business development and customer satisfaction effectively


  • Ensure instant application processing and quick data gathering
  • Result in higher average area coverage in a single day
  • Validate sales target and build customer satisfaction via KPI reporting
  • Build and scale response plans and unlock your customer data